False Kiva

Heres the second installment of the week.

In early June my friends, Gus and Gary, “dragged” me down to Moab for some photography. (They actually only had to mention it and I was ready to go.) The weather is usually getting quite warm by June in Southern Utah, but we were blessed with some cooler weather. Of course, the only way to cool the desert in the summer is to rain on it. The rain and clouds worked to our advantage this time, except for one sunrise where we sat in the car and talked for a couple of hours while it poured at Dead Horse Point. We also nearly regretted our choice of sitting on the covered patio for lunch one day as we watched the streets fill up with water during an especially violent cloudburst. We did some hiking while the weather was better as well. We discovered a “scenic” route to False Kiva that involved a lot more up and down and prolonged the experience considerably. When we got there is was well worth it. The clouds in the sky really made a nice background. We didnt have time to get to all the places we wanted to go, but it was a very worthwhile and fun trip. We are going to try to go back next year a few weeks earlier in hopes of getting there before most of the wild flowers have dried up. The images from this trip are posted in Moab June 2010. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them. Your comments are appreciated.


False Kiva with Cloudy Sky

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