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Utah Lake Fall

These photos were taken at Utah Lake.  This is about a 15 minute drive from my home.  I made several trips down to the lake after work this fall. It is a very shallow lake, but provides some spectacular sunsets.  The water was quite low this year due to our drought so it was difficult to find much in the way of foreground material except for the mud flats at the edge of the lake.  One of these trips was timed to coincide with a setting new moon.  

Tetons Reflections
Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon PE 45-90mm

When I left work there was no wind and some interesting clouds in the west.  I thought this would result in a nice sunset. The night before, I had tried the same thing, but ended up walking for a mile or so trying to get close to the lake.  This time the planning went better.  The scalloped shoreline seems to lead back into lines of clouds in the water.  When processing images digitally there is always the thought that the colors were created on the computer.  This is as close to my transparency as I could come.


Canon Elan 2, Canon 100-400mm IS

I planned this trip to capture the moon setting just after the sunset.  While waiting for it to get dark enough for the moon to appear I shot a number of images.  I liked the colors here the best.  This is about 20 minutes after sunset.

Three Pelicans
Bronica ETRSi, Zenzanon PE 150mm

This is what I came for.  Unfortunately with only a 150mm lens (90mm equivalent in 35mm) you can't really see the moon that well.

Sunset at Snake River Overlook
Canon Elan 2, Canon 100-400mm IS

Using the Canon and its much longer lens allowed me to get the moon much larger in the frame.  I couldn't decide which view I liked best.  One thing to remember with the moon in the photo:  It moves.  Keep the exposure short or it will blur as seen below.

String Lake Silhouette
Canon Elan 2, Canon 100-400mm IS

Here's another view that is a bit wider and includes the moon's reflection in the water.

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