Desolation Canyon Rafting Trip

In April I was invited to join a friend on a 5 day rafting adventure on Utah’s Green River.  I started out knowing 2 people of the 10 in the group and ended up with 8 new friends.  I not only had a great time rafting and visiting in camp, but spent some time doing some time-lapse photography – including some night work as well.  I put a few time-lapse sequences into a short video.  I hope you enjoy it.

There is also a link to some of the fun photos I posted on Facebook.  The more serious photos are in my online gallery.  Look in the Desolation Canyon Trip Collection.


Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition

I’ve been back a week now from a fantastic adventure.  I signed up for Willie Holdman‘s Grand Canyon Workshop almost a year ago.  I arrived on the trip with one friend and came back with 17 new ones.  Kudo’s to Willie, our guides, Wylie and Newty, from Western River Expeditions, and the other people on the trip.  I’ve just started working on my images from the trip, but here is is a teaser video.  This is me riding the front of the raft through Horn Creek Rapid wearing my GoPro.

Edit: 5/3/14  The images from this trip are now located in Grand Canyon Rafting 2013.

Nine Mile Canyon – Petroglyphs

In November I was invited by friends to spend the day exploring Nine Mile Canyon.  This canyon is located in central/eastern Utah kind of between Wellington and Duchesne.  It’s an amazing place.  You could spend weeks there and still not see all there is.  I put together a video slide show of some of my images from that trip.

Check out the still images on Nine Mile Canyon.

Canyon de Chelly

In October my friend, Larry Calof, and I visited Canyon de Chelly in eastern Arizona.  It was the time all the National Parks were closed due to the budget machinations in Washington.  Fortunately for us Canyon de Chelly National Monument is located on Navajo tribal lands and they have access to it even though all the Park Service facilities were closed.  We spent most of our two days there with Navojo guided exploring the main canyon and the other branch, Canyon del Muerto.  There are a number of petroglyphs and ruins from Navajo and earlier periods.  We also explored the rims of the canyons.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t what we had hoped for, but we did get a few interesting pictures that I’ve posted in Canyon de Chelly.