African Photo Safari

Its hard to believe that I’ve been home for almost a month from Africa. The planning and waiting went on for over a year, but the trip was well worth it. The group consisted of myself and three friends. One of whom had been to Africa ten years previously. It was the first time for the rest of us.¬†We stayed at five different lodges or safari camps for two to three nights each located in Tanzania, Kenya, and Botswana. A typical day started about 6 am with a knock on the door and someone bringing coffee and hot water for tea or cocoa. Then there was breakfast, two or three game drives, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and rarely some time to take a short nap or download images. I’m planning on writing an article on things that worked out well for us and give some more details on the planning and the places we stayed.


Just one example of how amazing Africa is: Imagine sitting in an open sided Land Rover within 25 feet of six or eight lions, just watching them as they pretty much ignore us totally. In addition to shooting over 5000 frames with the Canon twins (1Ds Mark III, and 1D Mark IV) I shot over 3 hours of video with the Mark IV. Ive posted two short videos on YouTube ( Africa-Lions of Duba and Africa Elephants ) and have just barely posted my images on the web site.There were a few teasers posted a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, but they are all here now. Ive got several additional videos planned and I also plan on putting together a book of photographs from the trip. I’ll keep you updated on those. Here is a video slide show of some of my favorite images from the trip. I recommend right clicking on the video and selecting “watch in HD on Vimeo” to see it in HD.

The images are in the Image Catalog. I broke them down into five groups. Favorites, Animals, Birds, Landscapes, and People. I hope enjoy them. I’d like to hear what you think.