A Day in the Rain – With Bears

Here the first video compilation from my Alaska trip. This was all shot during one day. We flew on a float plane from Nikiski to Crescent Lake. In spite of raining the entire time we saw several bears, got some great images, and had a wonderful lunch including fresh caught salmon and trout. Most of the time I was shooting with my still camera, so there is not much video of the bears. Since I love flying, there is a lot of flying footage. I hope you enjoy it. I may put together another video from some other parts of the trip.

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Denali in Clouds

I recently returned from a photo trip to Alaska. I had been to Alaska 11 years ago on a fishing trip and have regretted ever since that I did not spend more time photographing then. This trip more than made up for it. My friend, Larry Calof, and I have been planning this trip for about a year. We met our group in Anchorage and then drove about a million miles. Actually it was “only” about 2000 miles of driving plus additional travel by boat, train and float plane. Our group was led by Kristin Cole of Cole/Marr Photography. She has been to Alaska many times and did a great job of giving us an introduction to it. We are already talking about another trip and where we want to spend more time. We saw some fantastic scenery and lots of wildlife. In spite of 3 very wet days we had a great time. I came back with nearly 3000 images. It has been quite a process to get that down to a manageable number. Ive posted about 50 of them in Alaska September 2009.I hope you enjoy them.When I get the time I will put together a book that includes these plus some others. I shot quite a bit of video with the Rebel T1i and will next be working on editing and compiling that.

I also finally managed to get my images from the August trip to the Tetons posted in Tetons August 2009.

On a technical note: Larry let me use his Canon 300mm f/2.8 IS lens a couple of days while he was shooting with his 500. I used to think my 300 f/4 was close in image quality, but its not. The bigger lens also focuses much faster allowing for some shots I just couldnt have gotten with the f/4.Larry encouraged my wife, Vicki, to get it for my birthday. Thanks to both of you!


Denali obscured by clouds. Only the North Peak is visible.

Denali North Peak wreathed in clouds